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Justin Jones 

Team Lead

Justin Jones is a local community activist in Orlando FL, who has fought for economic and civil change for the past several years. He’s currently the team lead for Equal Ground Education fund, committed to empowering and educating the black communities on the importance of voting and the political system. He has worked on campaigns such as the Fight for 15 where he organized and empowered fast-food workers to fight for fair treatment and higher wages, as well the Statewide Alignment Group head Organizer for the Felons Right Restoration Movement, where he brought awareness around why it is important that returning citizens have their right to vote and how it is unjust for them not to be able to vote. Justin is the father of Harmoni Jones and Quentin Bentley Jones. Some of Justin's hobbies includes boxing, weight lifting, cardio training, reading books and nature walks. Justin's competitive background in sports has strengthen his ability to fight the ring as well as for his people.