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Equal Ground Reacts to Gov. DeSantis signing Bill to ban Citizen Police Review Boards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                      April 12, 2024


Equal Ground Reacts to Gov. DeSantis Signing Independent Citizen Review Ban, Attacking Freedom of Floridians 

TALLAHASSEE—Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law HB 601, legislation that bans independent citizen review boards from investigating law enforcement misconduct in our state and is overwhelmingly unpopular among Floridians.

In response, Equal Ground Interim Executive Director Genesis Robinson issued the following statement:


"By banning independent citizen review boards, Governor Ron DeSantis and legislators in Tallahassee are once again taking away the freedom of countless Floridians, whose voices are being silenced and whose safety is now at risk.

“Whether from a big city or a small town, Floridians know what’s best for their local communities when it comes to oversight and accountability of those sworn to protect and serve. Yet, time and again, the Governor and out-of-touch legislators insist they know better than the hardworking people of our state when they attack the freedom of our communities and take away their ability to govern themselves. 

“As a social justice organization committed to protecting the rights of Black Floridians, we know that civilian review boards are often the last line of defense for Black people to hold rogue law enforcement officials accountable for misconduct. Disbanding police review boards contradicts the ongoing efforts to reform policing practices and address systemic issues within law enforcement.

“Freedom in Florida should mean that all of us have the same freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe in our communities.” 


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