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Massive Final Weekend of “Souls to the Polls” Events Happening in Fourteen Counties in Florida

FLORIDA – This weekend, October 31 and November 1st, 2020, the Equal Ground Education Fund, which is the preeminent Black led non-partisan, non-profit working on building Black political power in Florida, is bringing their socially distanced “Souls to the Polls” statewide effort to fourteen counties to educate, empower, and turn out local Black voters in this key battleground state.

The “Souls to the Polls” effort across the state is part of the Equal Ground Education Fund’s half a million-dollar “Park & Praise” campaign, funded in part by Tyler Perry, which aims to combat Florida’s long history of voter disenfranchisement that has created a mistrust of the election process among Black voters throughout the state.

Attendees will be able to drop off their vote-by-mail ballots and will hear from various faith-based leaders, community leaders, gospel choirs, elected officials, and political candidates, all from the safety and comfort of their own vehicles.

The overall statewide effort is targeting over 250,000 Black voters across 25 counties leading up to Election Day.

“A national pandemic, racial tensions, blatant disregard for black bodies and a presidential election that can’t be won without the votes of Black folks have shaped the way we connect with voters,” said Jasmine Burney-Clark founder of the Equal Ground Education Fund. “Despite Florida’s historical disenfranchisement of Black voters our voices will be heard whether we vote by mail or early. Our work to provide robust voter education and ensure that accurate information reaches our communities is the highest priority”.


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