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'We have demands': Caravan mobilizes Black voters in Orange County


A push to boost the number of African American voters brought a nearly 100-car caravan to the polls in Orange County Sunday.

After church service, local pastors and community leaders mobilized their congregations to make their voices heard in early voting.

"We have demands, we got things that we want and we're trying to elect representation that represents us," said Bishop Derrick McRae, with The Experience Christian Center in Orlando.

A stream of cars packed the parking lot at the county's Supervisor of Elections Office.

"We want to complain at home, we want to talk about [it] on Facebook, we want to argue, we want to complain and express ourselves that way? That's okay, but the way you really express yourself, is by going to the poll and casting a vote," voter Cheryl Zackery said.

The group called it "Impact Sunday" which is similar to "Souls to the Polls". In the African American community, it means local faith leaders get together and gather members of their churches to go out and make an impact by voting early.

"We do need to vote not just in the big elections, but the small elections because those are the ones that really count and impact us on the day-to-day basis," voter Te Shonda Abner said.


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