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ACLU of Florida Launches Voter Outreach Effort With Non-Partisan PArtners – Equal Ground, Voto Latin

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

MIAMI, FL –The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida announces a new voter outreach effort in partnership with non-partisan organizations Equal Ground, Voto Latino, and Real Women Radio Foundation. The initiative rests on a new database completed by the ACLU of Florida aimed at identifying eligible voters pursuant to Senate Bill 7066, which disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of voters who had their rights constitutionally restored through the 2018 passage of Amendment 4. The law, which is being challenged in federal court, denies the right to vote to nearly four out of five returning citizens who should be eligible to vote under Amendment 4, due to their inability to pay all fines, fees, and other monetary penalties associated with their convictions.


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