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COVID-19 vaccination sites at Orlando neighborhood centers closing soon

Sites will cease operations before end of June

ORLANDO, Fla. – The COVID-19 vaccination sites that have been operating out of Orlando community centers for more than a month will shut down in a few days.

When the four original FEMA-supported sites opened on May 4, they had the ability to perform 1,000 shots per day but initially saw low turnout with less than 150 doses administered between all four sites the opening day.

A Florida Division of Emergency Management spokesperson said the last FEMA-backed mobile event will take place Friday as vaccination efforts shift to the local level.

“As the state of Florida surpasses more than 10.1 million Floridians vaccinated, COVID-19 vaccinations are being transitioned to a locally-led effort through primary care providers, retail and pharmacy locations, county health departments under the Florida Department of Health and local governments,” state leaders said in a news release.

Below are the dates and locations for the remaining events:

While those sites are coming to an end, the COVID-19 vaccine is still available at select Centra Care locations and other retail pharmacies.

Jamaya Pinder, 12, got her COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday at the Rosemont Neighborhood Center and she believes everyone should get their shot, too.

“Just because if I did get COVID there’s something in my system to help fight it off,” Pinder said.

Orlando city commissioner Bakari Burns said he’ll continue providing resources and education to get more people vaccinated.

“The low turnout is concerning to me,” Burns said. “We want to keep it in our rear view mirror. We don’t want gathering like the 4th of July for there to be a spike in our communities.”

Alicia Broomfield is the COVID-19 program manager for the nonprofit Equal Ground in Orlando. She’s been pushing to encourage others to get vaccinated, too.

“So we’re provided resources to where they can get the vaccines. We are assisting with setting appointments as well as providing transportation,” Broomfield said.

Find out more about Equal Ground and ways to receive COVID-19 resources here.


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