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Equal Ground 

Equal Ground is a community-centered organization engaging the rising American electorate through equal access to education about voting and empowerment. We work to fight for the issues we believe in, from equality, a living wage, healthcare, to fair elections, climate change and social justice.


We focus our efforts on the rising American electorate with the goal of building and expanding current capacity in underserved communities. Actions include strategic planning, leadership development, petition collection, voter registration, and voter education and turnout.

What we believe

We believe that an empowered community is an engaged community.


Who we are

Equal Ground is bringing together leaders with decades of political strategic planning, community organizing, and campaign building. We are dedicated, passionate and serious about social change through political power.


How we impact

Working in the community, we create strategic plans and produce quality deliverables for the issues we care about. Our secret is hiring and training the most passionate leaders and equipping them with the skills needed for sustainable change. Each training and educational workshop is tailored to provide the knowledge and resources to fight for justice and social change within our communities.

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Mailing Address: 424 E Central Blvd Orlando, FL 32801, Unit 650

Telephone Number: 407-459-4088