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Equal Ground Statement on the United States Supreme Court issuing criminal immunity to Donald Trump and future Presidents

June 1, 2024



Contact: Feldman Strategies,

In response to the United States Supreme Court issuing a decision that granted immunity to Presidents in their official acts, Equal Ground Interim Executive Director, Genesis Robinson made the following statement.

"Today’s 6-3 decision by the United States Supreme Court is antithetical to what America professes to be. Never before have we seen such a sweeping expansion of Presidential Powers. The American ideal is a strong and vibrant democracy safeguarded by our rule of law and system of governance. This ruling is a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges we face in ensuring that no individual is above the law, and that “all men are created equal”. This is a seismic step backward in our fight for accountability and transparency in government. We remain committed to ensuring those who subvert our democratic institutions are held to account, regardless of their position or power. With this decision likely resulting in a delay of Trump’s criminal cases, voters now have the responsibility of determining what they will and will not tolerate from their elected officials when they head to the polls in November."

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