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Florida's 2024-2025 State Budget

$117.46 Billion* in projects are waiting on a signature from Governor DeSantis

Budget toplines:

  • 3% Pay Increase for all State Employees

  • $30.1 billion for Education funding

  • $46.5 billion Health & Human Services

  • $7.3 billion Criminal & Civil Justice

  • $20.4 billion Transportation, Tourism &

  • $9.9 billion Agriculture & Environment

  • $50 billion in General Revenue

  • $68 billion in trust fund spending which is allocated for various pre-approved purposes

  • $10 billion in reserves

A full budget summary can be found here.

Biden Harris Supplements to Florida's Budget:

In 2021, President Biden signed his American Rescue Plan, which has delivered relief directly into the hands of Floridians and provided funding to safely re-open schools.

  • $676 million provided to assist Florida homeowners with mortgages and $1.14 billion to Florida renters to assist with paying rent

  • $7 billion provided to help Florida schools reopen safely and effectively

  • $80.8 million provided to Floridians eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

  • 670,000 Florida students were provided emergency financial relief totaling over

A full summary of Federal Dollars can be found here.

*This is the lowest state budget since the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent years our budget was largely supplemented from Federal dollars from the Biden Harris Administration.


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