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Official Statement about today's Challenge Against Florida's Gerrymandered Congressional Map

“The state has already admitted that Governor DeSantis’s Congressional map – that he forced through to diminish the voting power of minority Floridians and silence our voices – violates the state’s safeguards against diminishing the electoral influence of racial minorities.

And following today’s hearing, it is abundantly clear that the only remedy is for Florida to ensure a district that restores congressional representation for voters in North Florida and empowers them to select a candidate of their choice before the 2024 election. These voters cannot be disenfranchised any longer.

Floridians made their wishes known over ten years ago when they codified the ‘Fair Districts Amendment.’ And although the Governor has tried to once again subvert the will of the people, all Florida voters will be heard and represented, and we will continue the fight to protect our voting rights.” - Jasmine Burney- Clark

Official statement from our legal team can be found here.


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