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Official Statement on Gov. Ron DeSantis' Appointment of the New Orange County Supervisor of Elections

Pastor Marcus McCoy the Faith Outreach Director for Equal Ground Education Fund provided this official statement on Gov. Ron DeSantis' appointment of the New Orange County Supervisor for Elections. "We are deeply concerned about today's appointment of Mr. Glen Gilzean as the new Orange County Supervisor of Elections by Governor Ron DeSantis. While Mr. Gilzean has worked primarily in the business community, he does not possess a background in election administration. This raises serious questions about his suitability for a role that is crucial to the integrity and efficiency of our electoral processes as we head into the 2024 election season.

The role of an election supervisor is not just administrative. It requires a deep understanding of electoral laws, voting rights, and the nuances of election logistics. Without this expertise, there is a risk of mismanagement that can directly affect the voting experience and, ultimately, the outcomes.

Mr. Gilzean’s appointment continues a troubling trend under Governor DeSantis' administration, where the qualifications and experience necessary for critical public service roles are seemingly overlooked. This disregard is not just a matter of professional inadequacy; it is a sign of a disconcerting indifference to the voice of the people. The democratic process depends on the trust of the electorate in the system, and appointments like these do little to inspire such confidence.

We urge Governor DeSantis to reconsider this appointment and choose a candidate whose experience aligns more closely with the demands of the role preferably, one of the four deputy supervisors appointed by former Supervisor Bill Cowels. Our democracy is too important to be compromised by appointments that do not prioritize electoral integrity and the will of the people."



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