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Equal Ground reacts to Florida Supreme Court upholding the suspension of duly elected State Attorney Monique Worrell

Updated: Jun 12

Governor Ron DeSantis abused his power and undercut the democratic process in Florida by suspending State Attorney Monique Worrell – the state's only Black woman State Attorney. And today’s decision by the Florida Supreme Court is another example of Ron DeSantis’ unchecked power as a tyrant against Black and minority Floridians. 

Let's be clear, the Supreme Court's decision does not support Ron DeSantis' false claims that State Attorney Worrell was derelict in her duty. 

The 6-1 ruling does not substantiate the baseless accusations made against Attorney Worrell, it merely states that prosecutorial discretion is not a defense to such an allegation.

Floridians expect the Florida Supreme Court to safeguard our democracy by blocking attempts to diminish their voting rights, not enable them. This overreach of power will not be ignored. 

This November, voters will have the opportunity to show yet again that they desire a State Attorney who is in tune with the needs of their community and elect someone willing to bring empathy and justice to this critical role. We will not stop fighting to uplift, protect, and enshrine the very democracy that Governor DeSantis is hell-bent on dismantling.

Genesis Robinson, Interim Executive Director


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