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Equal Ground's Statement on Florida Redistricting Litigation

"Today brought an end to one of the most controversial and consequential weeks in Florida history. We saw the Republican-led Florida legislature vote to remove Black representation from the Florida Congressional Delegation. Point blank, we are not done fighting and will not give up our voices easily. That is why we are challenging these maps in hopes that the courts will interpret the Fair Districts Amendment in the same way it was stated in the 2010 case. Historically, when we've faced oppressive and hostile administrations against Black communities, the courts have served as our last line of defense to preserve justice and equity." - Jasmine Burney-Clark, Founder and Consulting Director of Equal Ground

Our work leading up to the decision:

  • More than 300 people attended the rally and press conference in Tallahassee

  • 2,172 people sent 326,511 emails and 5,355 tweets to the FL Legislature

  • Over 25 statewide organizations joined in the effort to fight for fair districts

  • Over 30 people from impacted districts gave public testimony in the House and Senate Redistricting hearings

  • More than 40K text messages sent to impacted residents of CD 10 and 5


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