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Florida's Congressional Redistricting Case: Appellate Court

On Tuesday, October 31, 2023 litigants for Black Voters Matter vs. Byrd will present their case in appeals court for every judge on the First DCA instead of just a panel of three judges which has been procedural in past


This comes more than a month after the Plaintiffs (Black Voters Matter, Equal Ground, Florida Rising, and the League of Women Voters) won their case against the state.

In the September 2, 2023 ruling Judge Marsh ruled that the state illegally gerrymandered and diminished the voting power of Black voters in Florida's 5th congressional district.

The Defendants (Secretary Byrd, the Florida House and the Florida Senate) believe their actions weren't illegal and are trying the case again in appeals court.

The case will be live-streamed for you to view live or at a later date. The court has agreed to provide a ruling no later than November 22, 2023 still creating a path for a new map to be drawn ahead of the 2024 elections IF a favorable ruling is provided to the Plaintiffs in the case.


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