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Official Statement on SB 300

Yesterday was a sad day for the state of Florida. The signing of SB 300 by Gov. DeSantis is a direct attack on the rights of women. This restrictive and authoritarian law takes us back in time and would make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for women to access safe and legal abortion care in Florida.

The right to choose is an essential component of reproductive healthcare for all women, but it is particularly important for Black women. Black women in the United States face disproportionately higher rates of pregnancy-related complications and maternal mortality compared to women of other races and having the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies is essential. 

The signing of SB 300 builds upon a long record of Gov DeSantis working with Republicans in the Legislature to erode the rights of Floridians. Despite recent polling showing that 75% of state residents either somewhat or strongly oppose this law, once again Gov. DeSantis has ignored the wishes of Floridians as he is fixated on doing what is in the best interest of his political career and not the millions of Floridians longing for him to do the right thing


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