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Reaction to the 2022 State of the State

Today Gov. DeSantis addressed a joint session of the Legislature to mark the official start of the Legislative session. During his speech the Governor described Florida as the freest state in the Country.

How can we be free when the Governor is seeking to close the minds of our children and limit their educational opportunities by insisting the full history of our country is “inappropriate leftist ideology?” How is Florida free when exercising your first amendment right and attending or planning a protest can lead to jail? And we certainly can’t be free if we continue to erect barriers to democracy and disenfranchise millions of people from accessing the ballot box. As the adage goes, “none of us are free until we all are free.” If the Governor wants his claim to be true, he must open doors of opportunity for all, not just the well-heeled and well-connected.

Below is a list of policy proposals that the Governor and the Conservative leadership of the legislature are championing this legislative session. You can find a list of Equal Ground Priority Bills here.

  • HB 11 & SB 1872, legislation which seeks to criminalize approaching law enforcement officer or remaining within specified distance of such officer with specific intent after receiving warning not to approach.

  • HB 3, incentivizing more law enforcement to move to the state by offering a $5,000 signing bonus for every recruit who is new to the law enforcement profession in Florida once they complete their training and they officially become a law enforcement officer.

  • HB 5 & SB 146, restricting women from making the decision to terminate their pregnancy after 15 weeks, even in instances of rape and incest.

  • HB 7 & SB 148, a proposal to outlaw mandatory trainings and professional development that may be contrary to the political views of employees.

  • W.O.K.E Act: A legislative proposal that outlaws critical race theory in businesses and schools in the state of Florida. If enacted, this legislation will permit civil lawsuits to be filed if it is suspected the law is being violated.


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