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Returning Citizens and their Voting Rights still a Target of Gov. DeSantis

From today’s hearing, it is clear that once again Governor DeSantis and his GOP allies are using their power to rewrite a system because it doesn’t work for their agenda. The bottom line is, elected state attorneys can prosecute election crimes and answer to the voters, but DeSantis wants a personally appointed prosecutor, who is accountable to no one, to do his bidding.

Through fear, intimidation, and misinformation, Gov. DeSantis is continuing his crusade to disenfranchise Black and Brown voters because he is scared of our power. We will not be silent, and we will continue to fight fake solutions and inaction from lawmakers, who have blatantly disregarded the will of the voters and, since its passage in 2018, have weaponized Amendment 4.

*Watch Equal Ground's Political Director Public Comments at the 01:56:20 mark.


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