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Equal Ground Action Fund Makes First Time Election Endorsements

Equal Ground Action Fund, the 501c4 advocacy arm of Florida’s preeminent Black-led voting rights organization, Equal Ground Education Fund, offers a complete understanding of grassroots organizing and effectuating social change through Black civic engagement - specifically political voting power. After a direct attack on democracy and Black Floridians by conservative leadership in Florida, the legislature passed harmful bills attacking basic civil rights, stripping away Black congressional representation, and a relentless assault on our freedom to vote. Some of these leaders passed dangerous Black attack laws that threaten Black lives in exchange for their own political ambitions. This dangerous behavior comes at a cost and we won’t allow it to be at the expense of Floridians of color. In spite of it all, we shall overcome.

Earlier this summer Equal Ground launched the Vote for Black Lives Campaign designed to increase Black voter turnout this election cycle through volunteer direct voter contact, key messaging, strategic partnerships, and digital programming. With less than exceptional primary voter turnout our goal has become even more clear, and our actions must be bolder. Florida is a battleground state: seven statewide elections were decided by a margin of less than 1.2% in the last ten years which means we have to fight to win every cycle and organize every day of the year.

The last 12 years have seen numerous progressive policy victories on the statewide ballot. Florida voters have passed the Fair Districts amendments to end partisan racial gerrymandering, raised the state’s minimum wage to $15-an-hour, increased funding for environmental preservation, legalized medical marijuana, and restored the right to vote for returning citizens. These policy changes have made significant impacts in the lives of Black Floridians and begin to level the field to success for all, not just the wealthiest.

While culture war issues may dominate the media landscape as clickbait and easy to cover stories, the real narrative forming below the surface is a state in an affordability crisis where Floridians are increasingly unable to afford Florida. Instead of addressing the affordability crisis, Florida’s political leaders are distracting us with culture war issues that address non-existent problems instead of the challenges facing everyday people. We need elected officials that will look out for the people they were elected to serve to ensure we all have the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe.

We must help elect candidates and vote for issues that align with our values all the way down the ballot. By doing so Congresswoman Val Demings for US Senate and Charlie Crist for Governor will need to defeat Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio! Equal Ground Action Fund is proud to announce today the endorsement of Congresswoman Val Demings for the US Senate and Charlie Crist for Governor.

Their values, key issues, and priorities work for Florida families. Black voters in particular should know both candidates support these top issues:

Voting Rights

  • Instead of imposing restrictions on voting, lawmakers should give voters more options for casting their ballot safely, like expanding early voting and voting by mail.


  • Hard-working parents are doing everything for their children and they deserve to be heard on what’s best for their child’s education. Whether it’s in the classroom, playing in the school band, or taking the field on a Friday night, we need to keep the focus on helping students learn. Let’s work together to make sure they have everything they need.


  • Everyone, regardless of race, class, age or zip code, deserves quality, affordable health care. Floridians deserve the freedom to be able to keep their medical decisions between themselves and their doctors and politicians should stay out of it.


  • All Floridians deserve the freedom to know that if they work hard, they'll be able to afford a home for their families. But politicians in our state are putting the interests of their corporate donors and wealthy real estate developers ahead of everyday Floridians. We need leaders in our state that care about keeping housing affordable. We deserve better than this kind of rent gouging and need to come together and demand it.

Fair Representation

  • By insisting on a Congressional district map that reduces Florida’s Black representation in Congress by 50%, the Governor has worked to silence the voices of hundreds of thousands of Black voters.


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