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Equal Ground Launches Tour to Combat Voter Suppression Efforts of Extremist Florida Lawmakers



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Black-Led FL Voting Rights Org Equal Ground Launches Tour to Combat Voter Suppression Efforts of Extremist Florida Lawmakers

Statewide tour will educate and mobilize Black Floridians across key counties heading into the critical 2024 election

FLORIDA — On Thursday, April 18, Equal Ground – the preeminent Black-led, non-partisan, non-profit group working on building Black political power in Florida – is launching a statewide voter education and mobilization tour to combat extremist legislation in the state and ensure Black Floridians' understand their rights and how to make their voices heard this election.

Following the latest voter suppression tactics of the Florida state legislature – including purging nearly 450,000 Black voters from the vote-by-mail rolls – Equal Ground is sounding the alarm on what action Black Floridians need to take to hold their lawmakers accountable. 

Each stop on this tour –which will kick off on Saturday, April 20th in Pinellas County – will educate Black voters in key counties both about the wide-reaching attacks on communities of color the state legislature passed this legislative session, as well as the newly updated vote-by-mail requirements and voter re-enrollment instructions, issues that will be on the ballot this year, and actions engaged citizens can take to help turn out voters affected by these endless attacks. 

“The best way to stop attacks on our civil rights is to vote, “said Genesis Robinson, interim executive director of Equal Ground. “Our mission – building Black political power in Florida – means taking on the lawmakers that wish to erase our history and silence Black communities head-on at the ballot box. When voters are educated, they are activated. And we need to bring that engagement to the polls in November to hold policymakers from the top of the ticket down accountable for the harm they’ve caused the Black community.”

As Florida has emerged as the epicenter of fascist ideologies, spearheading the nationwide erasure of Black history, culture, diversity, equality, and inclusion, Equal Ground has been on the frontlines calling out hate and calling in a community rooted in deep faith and resilience. This tour will call attention to the targeted attacks extremist lawmakers have launched on minority communities this past legislative session and galvanize Black voters in key counties ahead of election day.

The statewide tour will kick off in Pinellas County on Saturday, April 20th. There will be stops in several counties over the next month, including Orange County; Orlando on Monday, April 22nd and Sanford on Monday, April 29th, Hillsborough County on Thursday, May 9th, Lee County on Saturday, May 25th. Additional stops and tour dates will be announced as well as partnerships with elected leaders and other community organizations to educate Black Floridians.

The full list of planned locations for the tour are as follows (and subject to change):



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