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Equal Ground's Statement on DeSantis' suspension of State Attorney Monique Worrell

Yet again, Governor Ron DeSantis has abused his power and undercut the democratic process in Florida by suspending State Attorney Monique Worrell- the state's only Black woman State Attorney. A duly elected public servant, State Attorney Worrell has done her job consistent with the law and commitment she made to the voters who elected her in 2020. This reckless pattern of removing political opponents from office is not how we should govern in Florida. In his announcement of her suspension, the Governor claims that Attorney Worell “abused discretion”. Not only is that a matter of opinion, but the discretion Attorney Worrell exercises is afforded to her by the state constitution and is consistent with the other 19 State Attorneys throughout the state. As a Black-led voting rights organization, Equal Ground calls on the Governor to reverse this decision and stop using Black Women and voters as a pawn in his pursuit of the White House. - Jasmine Burney- Clark, Founder and Consulting Director


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