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Equal Ground’s Florida SB 90 Verdict Statement

Statement from Jasmine Burney-Clark, Founder of Equal Ground, a plaintiff in the SB 90 lawsuit, reacting to today’s ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit:

“We are deeply disappointed and disturbed by today's appeals court decision, upholding a racist attack on our voting rights and rejecting the concerns of Black and Brown Floridians who are disproportionately impacted by SB 90. Let’s be clear, Governor DeSantis and the Florida GOP passed this voter suppression law with the intent to silence Black voices and diminish the power of Black voters, who are a threat to their political power. 

This law undoes the progress that voting rights groups have made and targets the very tools minority communities, like ours, use to increase voter turnout. We will not be silent. We will keep standing up, calling out discrimination, and exercising our right to vote. 

Today, the appeals court has assisted Florida Republicans in silencing Black and Brown Floridians, but attacks to suppress our voices are nothing new, and we will adapt, organize, and overcome until we are heard and we are represented.”


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