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Why is redistricting important? 


Redistricting affects political power. It determines which party controls Congress and state and local governments across the country. Elected representatives make essential decisions to our lives, from ensuring schools are safe to healthcare policies and much more.  


The map that is drawn during the redistricting process ultimately has a long-term effect on community representation. Because redistricting has been used to exclude communities of color from political power, this year, Equal Ground is encouraging our community and our allies to participate and monitor the upcoming redistricting process. 


We want to ensure that Florida’s underrepresented communities of color will have a fair opportunity to elect candidates that voice their needs and interests.  


We encourage you to advocate for your community by participating in the redistricting process.


Stay connected with us via and our social media pages to learn about the redistricting process - how it works and how it sometimes doesn’t. We also provide resources, training, guides, and opportunities for you can take action. 

Let’s make sure that the redistricting process is fair for all Floridians! 

On-Demand Training Videos

Partner Organization Training

Pending Litigation 

Link to the court filing can be found here















Disclaimer: If you wish to use or repurpose the materials please credit in writing Equal Ground and the Fair Districts Coalition.

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