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Prepare to Make a Plan to Vote for the 2024  Elections


Given the serious threat to progressive values across Florida, Equal Ground has begun an effort to engage the rising American Electorate through civic engagement activities with a goal to build and expand current capacity in communities of color with a specific emphasis on black voters and residents.  

What Senate Bill 90 law means for Florida’s voters as of February 2024: 

Initial Challenge 


1. Dropbox restriction provision

2. 3PVRO disclaimer provision

3. Forms be delivered to the county where the applicant resides (wrong county fine provision)

4. Line warming provision

5. Vote by mail ballot ID # matching requirement (vote by mail application provision)

Where we are now: 

  • Disclaimer provision rescinded

  • Line warming provision invalidated

  • The disclaimer provision was rescinded so no longer the law (3PVROs do not have to give the mandatory disclaimer)

  • The other provisions remain in effect

    • Dropbox restriction provision

    • Forms be delivered to the county where the applicant resides (wrong county fine provision)

    • Vote by mail ballot ID # matching requirement (vote by mail application provision)

*Important: Rules for vote-by-mail ballot designees are different in Miami-Dade due to a local ordinance with additional requirements and limitations. Contact the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections Office at (305-499-8444) if you have questions.

Additionally, voters could find that Drop Boxes are now referred to as Secure Ballot Intake Stations because of the passage of SB524. The Drop Box provisions of SB524 are currently under effect, pending appeal.  

Voters should expect that drop boxes will be less available than they were in 2020, both in terms of locations and hours, and should make a plan for how they are going to return their mail ballot if they opt to not use the postal service or it becomes too late to mail the ballots back in time.

Assistance at the polls

  1. Voters have the right to request assistance from two election officials or anyone they would like, except their employer, an agent of the employer or a union representative.  

  2. SB90 prohibited attempts to influence voters, by anyone other than elections staff, which may have included nonpartisan activities such as offering a voter waiting in line water, food, or anything else, inside the 150 feet no electioneering zone. 

While this was ruled unconstitutional by a recent court decision,“line-warming” activities are currently not permitted, pending the outcome of an appeal of the trial court decision.


  • Florida's Voter Assistance Hotline is 866-308-6739 | Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

  • Questions or need to report a problem at the polls Call 1-866-687-8683

  • Get free voter ID help by calling VoteRiders at 844-338-8743

  • Returning Citizen Voter Questions contact Florida Rights Restoration Coalition 1-877-MYVOTE-0(1-877-698-6830).

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