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The 2022 election cycle is here and it is critical that we increase Black voter turnout in Florida!  We can not afford for our history to be erased, our vote to be suppressed, and our elections to be policed! This is why Equal Ground is re-launching our Vote for Black Lives Campaign with community partners across the state! 


Why is this important?

  • Black voters in Florida voted by 8.4% higher by mail in 2020 than they had in any previous election and as a result of those actions, our state passed SB90 and SB 524.  Black voters also voted at 73% compared to 77% of average voters in the state falling behind in turnout rates.

  • Over the last few years, our state leaders have passed dangerous laws that attack and threaten Black lives in exchange for their own political ambitions.

  • Despite what had been quoted by our governor as one of the most secure elections in Florida’s history in 2020, he created laws that make it harder to vote in Florida. Instead of imposing restrictions on voting, lawmakers should give voters more options for casting their ballot safely, like expanding early and vote by mail voting.

  • At a time when Floridians are facing a historic housing crisis, the final $112.1 billion budget has only .3% towards affordable housing and represents a massive missed opportunity in a year where $9 billion is going unspent. 

  •  Instead of providing our public school students with everything they need to achieve their greatest potential, state leaders want to ban books and attack the people who strive every day to educate our children.


This campaign is designed to increase Black voter turnout this election cycle through volunteer direct voter contact, messaging, and digital programming. We want you to join in on this effort to turn out Black voters this election because we need all hands on deck!


Vote for Black Lives Plan - Join us! 

  • HBCU/D9 Takeover - This initiative aims to organize members of the Divine Nine organizations and HBCUs across the state of Florida to take action in mobilizing voters in their service area communities to turn out and vote this election cycle! Groups across the state will dedicate members to volunteer two days to this effort, one in the summer for the Primary election and one in the fall for the General election. Register today for a day of action by completing this form.

  • Souls for the Polls Poll Monitors - We aim to increase poll monitor coverage at polling locations around the state for the 2022 mid-term primary and general election, offering support to voters at early voting locations and on election day. Poll monitors will be trained on Florida election topline procedures, how to assist voters at the polls with issues they may encounter, and reporting issues to their county WhatsApp chat and the 866-Our-Vote hotline. Reporting issues at the polls will be an integral part of future advocacy work to local and state elections officials. For more information, please contact our Faith Outreach Director, Pastor Marcus McCoy Jr at

  • Become a Vote for Black Lives Validator - Becoming a Vote for Black Lives Validator means that you are taking a pledge to vote in the interests of Black Floridians and will utilize the tools given by Equal Ground to share the messaging with your community ahead of the 2022 election. Your mission this election cycle is to assist Equal Ground in increasing black participation through messaging, community gatherings, and trainings. Validators will also be asked to sign an endorsement form, which gives the organization permission to use your quote, written or video recording, for publication. Register for our next Validator Training here. 

  • Volunteer - Volunteer with us by making calls, conducting a contactless canvass to help make a plan to vote, and/or conducting election protection activities. You can volunteer as an individual or register as an organization here

  • Toolkit - This toolkit provides Vote for Black Lives talking points, social media graphics, a voter guide, and more! Feel free to share with your community. We will also mail care packages that include shirts, buttons, and voter information cards for in-person community events.

  • Legislative Champions for Black Lives - The purpose of the Champion for Black Lives pledge is to highlight public servants who have committed to represent our community with integrity, courage, and an authentic commitment to fight for positive and sustainable change. Voters deserve representatives who will be proactive in their leadership and work tirelessly to keep us engaged and ensure issues we care about are at the forefront of any discussion around public policy.  


We know what we can accomplish when we work together as we have seen over the last two years when our communities have had to lift each other up in times of need! If you have any additional questions, please contact our Managing Director, Kristin Fulwylie Thomas at and use the subject line “Vote for Black Lives - Question”. 


Let’s build Black political power in the state! 

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